Twilight Transitions/ The Little Orchestra/ Oval Space/ September 17

Twilight Transitions was a concert organised by The Little Orchestra - an organisation that specialises in 'classical music in unclassical places', creating a relaxed, intimate setting for audiences to enjoy live performance of classical music. The design for London's Oval Space took inspiration from the two pieces of music to be performed - Beethoven's 4th Symphony and Shostakovich's 2nd piano concerto -  in particular the playful piano part in Shostakovich's piece and the sweeping, operatic energy of Beethoven's piece. A black and white abstract piano key motif led the audiences through the venue, whilst bespoke candle holders and lanterns helped set a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. In the main space a Russian constructavism-inspired tree swept off the ground and up into a canopy of ribbon which gently changed colour, following the story of the music whilst the hanging festoon lighting created an inviting pool of light around the bar as people mingled after the performance to relax with a drink and listen to some jazz... 

Event Design - Abby Clarke

Lighting Design - Katrin Padel

Photography - Annabel Staff