King Lear/O'Reilly Theatre/February 15

The production of King Lear performed at the O'Reilly Theatre, Oxford in February 2015 was set in a modern, post-apocalyptic setting and used projection of both live and recorded filming in order to delve into the minds and madness of the characters. Drawing upon the paintings of Graham Sutherland's ruined urban landscapes as well as warehouses and underground venues, the set used industrial materials such as a throne constructed from a steel framework and mesh to create the disintegrating urban feel. Pipes and cables climbed up the stark concrete wall that corresponded to the angular pattern on the floor whilst three triangular raised platforms added levels that were moved around stage, at points symbolising the divided kingdom whilst at other times providing a platform from which the characters could perform their soliloquies. 


Director- Stephen Hyde

Designer- Abby Clarke

Lighting Designer- Ed Horner

Video Designer- Hendrik Ehlers