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Image of an Unknown Young Woman/Caird Studio, Cardiff/May 17 

Abby Clarke, Set Design, The Furies, Oxford Greek Play, Theatre, Oxford Playhouse

The design for Image of an Unknown Young Woman created an abstract public square, hemmed in by mesh and concrete barriers. The audience viewed the performance space through a slit in the mesh wall structure, positioned as both voyeurs into the space, viewing the action as if through a framed screen, but also simultaneously framed and exposed themselves, on display to both the characters and other audience members seen across the in-the-round playing space. Many of the characters remained in the space at all times, circling the audience and joining them in designated seating, once again linking audience and character and implicating the viewers in the action. The constantly shifting set, where concrete blocks became cupboards, seats, boxes and lights, reflected the shifting nature of images, opinions and messages in the play and underscored the manipulating of images within the action. The gridded mesh, block structures and concrete paving all linked the design together and emulated pixilation, referencing the screens and images used within the play. 


Director- Mel Hillyard

Set and Costume Designer- Abby Clarke

Lighting Designer- George Pearce

Sound Designer- Nathan Williams

The confession continues
Candace alone
Candace and Nia
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