Around the World in 80 Days/St John's Gardens Oxford, Buxton Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe/July-August 15

This production of Around the World in 80 Days was a touring show that was transported to several venues across the UK. The nature of the show and venue spaces meant that the set had to be set up and packed down in under five minutes, resulting in a clock shaped set made of five panels that could be bolted together. The script travels across nearly 20 different settings so the hinged panels of the set allowed the clock to be transformed into a train, bar, boat and multitude of other settings. The addition and removal of key props stored in the vintage suitcases acted as both props and support for the set. A bright colour scheme and map of the world made from cogs added to the steampunk-meets-toybox style of the production that appealed to adults and children alike. 

Winner of Buxton Fringe Award–Best Production


Director- Helena Jackson

Set Designer- Abby Clarke

Costume Designer- Lily O'Hara
Lighting Designer- Stephen Green